About Hachiko

Name: Hachiko
Age: @&*
Location: WordPress! ;]
Hobbies: Watching anime/drama, Reading, Blogging, Playing, Eating, and other participles ^^=
Favorite Anime: Bleach, D. Gray-man, Air Gear, Baccano!, BECK, Code Geass, FMA, Bokura ga Ita, Lovely Complex, Lucky Star, Haruhi, Gundam, NANA, OHSHC, YYH
Favorite Sites: MAL.net, Crunchyroll, WordPress, devaintART
Enjoys: Feedback, Love, Funnies, and anything sweet&&delicious
Dislikes: Anything BAD. lolz ;D

w/ much love,
                    愛。 八個
                      ai. Hachiko


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