Koukou Debut Ch. 24

Koukou Debut Chapter 24.

So, Haruna and Yoh’s current situation is this: Haruna had recently saved a cute girl from a pervert on the subway and befriended her. The girl, Kurihara, would always call Haruna and tell her about how she still had feelings for her ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile, on Yoh’s end, Yoh’s ex-girlfriend had been calling his house even though he told her on the first call that he did not want to see her since he had a girlfriend.

I know, most of us readers would have guessed waaay at the beginning that Haruna’s cute rescue victim was Yoh’s ex-gf. and BAM! we’re right ;D

Yoh thinks the solution to this is to cut off ties with her, and that means Haruna too. I mean, we all know that Yoh has fallen for Haruna and vice versa. But, Haruna, being the good-soul that she is, knows that you can’t just “erase the past” which is totally correct!

Haruna meets Kurihara one last time and reveals to her that she is Yoh’s current girlfriend. Kurihara cries, but resolves to keep loving Yoh even though Haruna is his girlfriend. Kurihara’s final request is for Haruna is give Yoh a letter. Haruna gives it to Yoh. The letter says to meet Kurihara at their “usual spot” (ooooh.) Yoh doesn’t want to, but Haruna makes him, saying things like “I’ll fight to be Yoh’s number 1!” and Yoh goes.

In the end, Yoh tells Kurihara that he likes Haruna now and that he was able to change because of her. He wishes that Kurihara will be able to meet someone like Haruna one day. Then he leaves.

Yoh calls Haruna, who was anxiously awaiting the outcome of the meet. They meet up with each other. (They were RUNNING towards each other!) Then, Yoh says…


HE SAID IT FIRST! OMEFFGEEE!!!! But then, Haruna, being Haruna says…

Tehe. It was SO CUTE! This manga is REALLY cute, and I enjoy every chapter. It’s definitely a keeper. It’s way better than Koko ni iru Yo, that’s for sure. Haha. I love Koukou Debut<3 Not to mention, Yoh is so freaking jaw-dropping HAWT. Who agrees with me? EVERYONE DOES. Lolz.

With lots of love (Yoh-love;DD),
愛。  八個
ai. Hachiko


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