NANA Chapter 78

<!–Major Spoiler alert–!>

This is not a good chapter. “Not good” as in it’s horrible. Not plotwise, or artwise, but just because of the horrible tragedy that occurs in these pages.

I cannot believe that Ren could die. How can Yazawa Ai kill him?! I really liked Ren. He was one of my favorite characters. Even though he left NANA is Osaka while he chased his dream in Tokyo, I still liked him. A lot. Sure, he was a pothead or a cokehead and he and Nana had some issues to sort out, but he was a good guy. Nobu looked up to him, Shin looked up to him. EVERYONE liked Ren. I’m going to miss him. I do miss him. Even in those 6 chapters after the unfortunate accident, I’m still bawling my eyes out.

What made me feel even worse was seeing Shin break down when everyone arrived at the hotel. Shin was the one to spend the least time with Ren, but he already was attached to Ren so much. It’s really sad.

It was also hard seeing Nobu break down. Nobu is my favorite character along with Shin, so my heart ached especially for these two boys. Nobu, I think, looked up to Ren the most. He revered Ren. I thought it was extraordinarily brave of Nobu to go identify Ren’s body. I’m proud of him.

Nana and Ren were getting married for Pete’s sake! Why is he dead?! It’s. So. Sad. But the worst part is, he died on his way to get Reira. I mean, I know that he truly loved Nana, and Nana and Ren completed each other, but it just seems so unfair. I hope Nana never finds out where Ren was going to die. I hope that she still believes that Ren was going to see her instead of Reira, because, honestly, I think that knowing the truth will make her suffer even worse than she already is.

Ren will always be in our hearts.

さようなら, Ren.
愛。  八個
ai. Hachiko


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