Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight

You know when you’re scrolling through comments on anime episodes, and you see people say things like, “the manga is waaay better!”? Well, I (not being much of a manga reader) never really understood that. Until Vampire Knight.

I first discovered Vampire Knight on, because a friend recommended it since I was going through a Vampire phase at the time. Instantly, I was hooked! I bought all the volumes from my local bookstore, because I wanted to be able to flip through the pages and look at my favorite scenes anytime I wanted ^^*

Of course, I was ecstatic when the anime was announced. I had really high hopes, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut they quickly diminished. I mean, I still like the anime adaption :DDDD It just wasn’t as fulfilling as the manga, though.

Vampire Knight. First season.
It was just so-so to me. I remember when Crunchyroll did that “All-Time Crunchiest Anime” section on its anime page. Vampire Knight was the “crunchiest” anime by far. Lolz. It never changed XD It was sort of really amazing, actually.

Even the manga is still better, I liked the anime also. The first time I saw Zero, man, was I happy. (Warning: Hachiko is a ZEROFANNNNN). Once a fangirl, always a fangirl. No matter if it’s manga or anime. I saw all my favorite characters like Shiki, Aido, and Ichijou. (Note how Kuran Kaname is not included). There were times throughout the anime where the characters would look a bit off. Am I just being stupid? XDDDDDD

I guess the events flowed okay. The ending was a cliffhanger ferr surrrreeee. Zero was pretty hot in those chains though. Won’t anyone agree? teehee ^^*

Vampire Knight. Second Season.
DRAMAAAAAAAAAA. Both seasons had it, but, dude, the drama in Guilty? Wow. It could be an asian drama (which it sort of is, except in animated form). Good thing VK doesn’t make you think, because VK would become such a retarded, unpopular anime. You just let your eyes stare at the screen and just touch on how bishie the boy-vamps look ;3

I’m rooting for Zero all the way trough the anime, but I know there’s no hope. Of course, Yuuki chooses Kuran Kaname. *sigh* So sad for Zero! I get mixed messages from Kaname. He’s all like, “Yuuki, I love you” and then “Go do what you must (even if it means disobeying me 😡 )” Bleh. Yuuki is just flinging from Kaname to Zero to Zero to Kaname. PICK ONE, DAMMIT! lolz >:DDD

This isn’t a review! Just what I thought about VK.
All in all, I like Vampire Knight~ and Zero! >w<*

w/ much Zero fandom,
愛。 八個
ai. Hachiko


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